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Reintroduction of Guanacos, a locally extinct native herbivore

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Given its natural value, it is necessary to understand processes that allow them to be restored. In the Sanctuary, a project to reintroduce Guanacos, a locally extinct native herbivore, was begun with the objective of understand its interaction with species of the sclerophyllous forest. The Guanaco is the only great native herbivore of the place so we believe that it has a function of natural gardener. For this objective, the alliance between the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity and the Pulso Ambiental Foundation was born. In the first stage, two castrated male individuals were reintroduced to begin to understand basic aspects of the mobility and behavior of these Guanacos. In a second stage, it is intended to reintroduce a herd of reproductive Guanacos in order to understand more deeply the interaction that exists between the Guanaco and the sclerophyllous forest.

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