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Education in Nature

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MERI and the Melimoyu Nature Reserve have carried out a research program on biodiversity and impacts of invasive species on the “Colonos” and “Marchant” rivers. Both rivers run from the mountain range to the sea in little more than 14 kms., Of intricate, “Torrentoso” route and impenetrable austral jungle, that make difficult their exploration and still more the activities of investigation and environmental education. The data collected so far indicates that trout and salmon have invaded these ecosystems and are competing and preying on the native fauna, especially endemic fish of high conservation value.

The funds raised will support the construction of a new laboratory and aquariums, the training of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as a network of upstream refuges that allow not only to study the reproduction of native fish and interaction with salmon and trout, but the environmental education around this problem and the relief of a little known fish fauna, promoting the conservation of this unique biodiversity in South America.

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