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Sendero de la Paciencia, WCS Chile

Karukinka Park, located south of Tierra del Fuego, is a wilderness area of ​​300,000 hectares of lenga and coigüe forests; Rivers, streams, lakes and bogs; Of steppe and mountains; And coast, in th...

5.34% preserved 13623 PICS left

Tú Mejor Huella, AMA Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine National Park is located in southern Chilean Patagonia. With a total area of 227,298 hectares, it is world renowned for its spectacular vistas, formidable mountains, and unpredict...

0.33% preserved 1039852 PICS left

Paine Grande Italiano, Torres del Paine

Declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1978 and considered by many as the 8th wonder of the world, over 250,000 people flocked to visit Torres del Paine National Park in 2016. This figure represent...

1.08% preserved 19873 PICS left

Parque Katalapi _ Región de los Lagos

Parque Katalapi is a Corcuera-Vliegenthart family initiative, owners and directors of the park since 1994. Since 2014, it is also a Biological Station of University of Concepción. In 2017 we were c...

14.41% preserved 3123 PICS left

Parque El Boldo, Zapallar Chile

El Boldo hill is located in the northern edge of an important biological corridor composed of 2,500 hectares of native relict forest. It extends all the way from the coast up to "La Judea" in Catap...

0.18% preserved 37555 PICS left

Humedales Llanquihue, Legado Chile

Llanquihue is located in the Region de Los Lagos, in front of one of the most important basins of Chile: The Lake Llanquihue basin and Maullín river.

1.65% preserved 60065 PICS left

Estamos Secos, Fundación Llampangui


5.6% preserved 1450 PICS left

Fundación Robles de Cantillana, RM

The Robles de Cantillana foundation´s mission is to conserve biodiversity and spread the importance of care and protection in human development. Its objective is to create and propose strategies th...

0.01% preserved 56657 PICS left

Centro Cultural Kawesqar, Puerto Natales

While best known for its glaciers and peaks, Torres del Paine and its surrounding communities also possess unique cultural assets and indigenous heritage, particularly that of its original people, ...

0.0% preserved 39694 PICS left

Reforestación Nativa Chiloé, Núcleo Nativo

Nùcleo Nativo Foundation works with rural communities surrounding the reforestation projects with native tree family nursery ventures, training and making friends in the process of learning and pro...

0.01% preserved 18747 PICS left

Reintroducción del Guanaco, Cajón del Maipo

Working on the translation... Are you native english speaking and want to help nature? Are you familiar with Spanish? This could be a great opportunity to get to know conservation projects th...

0.0% preserved 50570 PICS left

Reserva Natural Melimoyu, MERI

MERI is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to protect the Melìmoyu Nature Reserve and strengthen the education and research for the conservation and sustainable management of terrestrial, f...

0.18% preserved 21576 PICS left

Reforestemos Nativo, Cultiva Chile

The organization Cultiva, in the context of the recent fires that affected more than 95 thousand hectares of native forest in Chile, launched the campaign Reforestemos Nativo. The initiative seek...

0.17% preserved 99048 PICS left

Wheel the World Cochamó

Wheel the World is a social movement that wants to make the whole world explorable by people with disabilities. For this, we develop inclusive outdoor adventures in natural wonders of the world.

5.58% preserved 17417 PICS left
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